meet our plants

hello, everyone. I would like you to meet our stellar indoor plants. They are beating the pants off our outdoor plants.

this is our cactus. why we bought a cactus, I have no idea. but dave liked it and it's obviously low-key maintenance.

this is our delicious-smelling basil plant. I've only used a few leaves on pizza last week because I'm worried that no new leaves will grow. also, I know nothing about growing herbs. but it's still alive and has grown since we bought it.

this is our six-foot tall oregano plant. it has pretty much tripled since we bought, which I think is quite impressive. why we didn't get a cilantro plant instead, I have no idea. so...what does one do with oregano leaves??

this is a habanero plant. we bought four and planted two in our garden, then decided to plant one at home for fun. it's about four times bigger than the ones outside.

this is our dahlia plant. I wanted to try growing flowers and I really like dahlias. I took this picture last week, but I took another picture today because it started blooming. I love seeing new buds everyday...I feel like we are getting the hang of owning plants.

link happy.

picture via

Not much happened this week. It was barely sunny and our cucumber plant is pretty much dead. However, I have high hopes for our pepper plant. I will also post pictures of our potted plants. They are lovely.

I've been having fun browsing on pinterest You should try it, if you're into that sorta thing.

We're headed up north for Memorial day. Do you know what that means? It means family and food, yes, but it also means IKEA. It's one of my allotted 3 per year trips (just kidding) (but it seems that way). Basically, I'm gonna snatch up as many blue and white striped things I can find like these , these and this OR other striped items like these or these OR just other awesome things in general like these, this, this or ALL of these new things. I'm for sure leaving with this fabric so I can make one of these awesome beach bags from elle apparel.

Ok, I am not going to buy all those things and I'm not obsessed with IKEA, per se, but I do love a good trip there. Ok? I wish it was closer, so it didn't seem like such an novelty.

But it is. And here we are.

happy weekend!!

best day.

Today, we feel like this:

and a little bit of this:

because our car is now a utah citizen. We couldn't be happier.

Some of you may know we lived in Connecticut for a summer and bought a car there. It was a rushed and tricky situation, but we decided to register it in CT instead of Utah. This means that for two years since we've lived there, we've had to pay random and weird taxes.

And I'm sure that the great state of CT will send us a bill for another round of these taxes, just to end things on the right foot...but the best thing is...



Here are some cell phone pictures of our garden. It doesn't look like too much right now. We are growing tomatoes (Roma, grape and big boy), red peppers, habanero peppers, strawberries, cucumbers, spinach, lettuce and baby carrots. The growth you see is because we bought mostly starter plants. :)

However, check it out! We have a little mini green pepper!

Our strawberry plant has a few flowers, as does our tomato plants. It'll be fun to go over the next few week and hopefully see our plants growing more!

friends don't let friends double park.

This weekend we are running errands, biking to our garden to check it out (I had a dream that someone stole all our plants) and going Lauren's (one of the fab Bowen 11 roommates) wedding reception. It should be fun!

And maybe one day we'll look back and laugh about the guy who parked behind our car (i.e. double parked) (completely in the middle of the parking lane) at 7 peaks when we went to get our summer pass. I mean, what did he think, we'd be gone swimming all day and he'd just be a few minutes?? (the pool is not open yet)


Oh, and there was an empty stall TWO stalls over. The guy who double parked the car next to us came out and was like oh, sorry! I parked here because I thought it was a spot so this guy must have thought that as well (ok, so neither of these two guys have brains, apparently). THERE WAS A POLE in front of our spot and oh yeah, the parking lane behind us. I really wanted to go into the office and ask whomever owned the car to kindly park in an actual stall.

Luckily no one had double parked the car on the other side, so Dave shimmied our car out of there.

In other news, it's finally sunny again and I'm loving it.

As per the request of the fabulous Katie, I added a "recipes" page up at the top. The page has recipes that I've posted or linked to (or, most of them). Enjoy! I've also changed the template and header. What do you think?

Happy weekend! May you not be the victim of double parking.

happy friday indeed.

This morning Dave alerted me that our fridge had been left open all night. This is quite the mystery, as we are both well-trained in the art of shutting the fridge. I don't even remember when we had it open last.

I am understandably (and of course, reasonably) upset about the $20 of food we will just have throw away (an unopened carton of sour cream, yogurt pack, milk, unopened lunch meat, new bottle of real miracle whip...a new pack of cooked costco chicken (my favorite)....). I hate wasting. I'm sure we will survive (and ok, we probably weren't going to eat the yogurt), but it's kind of sad.

Also, our sink is full of dishes. I think someone came over last night, left the fridge open and dirtied up 1000 dishes. That totally explains it.

Ok, well, I'm over it. I'd rather not get sick.

Here are some cool things:

1. in-n-out secret menu guide. Next time we go, I'm getting a root beer float.

2. pintrest. More cool things to add to my never-ending to-do list. Also, a big time sucker, I'm sure.

3. The Meanest Mom blog. Having four young kids never seemed so fun/exasperating. Check it out, her stories and writing style are HILARIOUS. I can't help but feel I'm taking a peek into our (my) future.


So...I have had this thought in my head for months. I often go into to stores and see a cute skirt. Then, I realize it's a dress. And then I get really confused/bummed because it would have a made a cute skirt. And they are usually so short as a dress, I wonder what was the point. (I know, I'm not very fashionable)

Well, what if I just bought it and wore it like a skirt? Is that a big faux pa? Take this dress, above, at Old Navy. Last week, I considered getting it as a dress (to wear over a swimsuit) and in the dressing room, I slid it down to see if it would fit over my hips. Well, it did. And if I wore a shirt over the bust part (which hit at my waist), I believe that no one would know it was a dress. The ruffled skirt hit my knees, even.

Dave thought I was crazy and I didn't end up getting it this theoretically possible? It is kind of depressing that all the skirts are so short and end up being dresses most of the time.

What do you think!? Should a dress always remain a dress?

p.s. I added an "about us" page that has some of our (my) favorite posts. I also added a list of my favorite blogs (i.e. of people I don't know) on the side. Check it out and let me know what you think!

biking, car woes and good food.

Last Friday we rode our bikes up the road to Old Navy. We each got a new shirt (for 50% off, woo!). Dave got a t-shirt and I got this one. Please note that it is not a fitted T nor does it have stripes. I've been trying hard to branch out and I really like my new shirt.

Biking there was a good way to get Dave to come shopping with me because 1. it was exercise 2. we could only get what would fit in his backpack (less space=less deciding time for me) 3. 50% off

On our way home, we decided to stop at In-n-Out. It's right on the way home and we couldn't resist. It was a beautiful evening and the food was delicious! We loved riding our bikes. And the best part was the incline up to our house was easier than it has ever been.

Saturday was pretty busy. We took our car to get inspected (it failed emissions--boo) and will have to get some parts fixed this week. We are definitely not looking forward to that, but we have been really lucky with this car the past two years. Buying used is always risky and until now, we haven't had a single problem with it. But we knew this was coming.

Then we went and picked up some plants for our garden (more on that later). It was really fun. I'm pretty sure when I was younger I did not like going to greenhouses with my parents but this time around, it was so cool to see all the different plants/vegetables/fruits that you could grow! I wish we had more room to plant and am excited for the day when we can have our own big garden and lawn to work with.

I then went to Cafe Zupa's with my grandma (who is very cool) and it was really good! I think I went there with Dave's family like 3 years ago and no one was that impressed. However, after Saturday, I have no idea why we didn't like it. Their bbq chicken salad and turkey, spinach and artichoke panini were really good, as were their desserts! I want to go back soon.

Will you have a garden this year? What are you growing? And...have you ever been to Zuppas? What did you think?

that's good stuff, part II

My dad and sister are in DC and I thought I was yearning to go back before, but then my dad sends me this little picture and I've never been more jealous in my life. I really miss D.C.

Dave doesn't at all (no surprise, really), but I sure do.

(good stuff, man!!)

Recently, though, we made ourselves some toasted marshmallow shakes. Lucky for you, it isn't a secret recipe. check it out and make one! (we used 1% milk and it was still creamy!)


this is a true story.

Joann's thinks my last name is Crsitenser.

Seriously. If I was really a preferred customer, you'd think they would at least try to read my name right.

I can't stop laughing about it.

that is all.

new floor, new shoes and erm...

We got new linoleum yesterday and I really like it. I think it's classy, as much as linoleum can be classy. (and at the very least in comparison to the old stuff, not pictured)

I also got new shoes from Target that I'm showing off. They are turquoise and perfect. Yesterday, after looking at them the day before and looking other places for bright summer shoes, they had one pair left in 7.5 and I will take my miracles where I find them.

And this little number was sitting on our counter when we got home.

I have no idea where it came from. It is not ours, and I don't know where it's been hiding. I can only assume that it was underneath the stove, and to that, I say what the crap?! How does one lose/hide a glass slab (I think it's used for hot dishes?) under the stove? If it dropped, it probably would have broken. And the heat didn't affect it? We have moved the fridge before, and even stranger than under the stove would be if it was under/between our water heater/furnace in the pantry.

Have you ever found anything weird or in weird places left behind in your new place?

Are you wearing pants?

found here

I love this. Say what you will, but I am a firm believer in pants. And I do not think leggings are pants. (at least, what are leggings these days). If you are wearing a dress that goes to your knee area, that's fine. If you are wearing a shirt that barely covers your undies, you, my friend, left your house with no pants.


My favorite area is the top left. What do you think?! Funny, right? And true, right?!

and here we are.

I may try to take all our pictures with my mac from now on.

It's so easy. and no cords.

And let's face it, our camera doesn't do a much better job AND the lighting mostly stinks in our apt. AND we don't really have any good backgrounds. But I put things on a pillow and hold my computer up and voila. A picture.

It'll have to do until the sun comes out again and I make something really worth seeing in good light. Or we get a better camera.

This is a little ol wreath I made for our front door for the summer/fall. It's full of my favorite cool colors and isn't anything really complicated.

What do you think?

bike scene.

This weekend was great. It was the best weather we've had all year and I was in heaven.

The biggest part of the weekend was our 17.2 mile bike ride. We biked to my parent's house in Orem. We decided to do it last week and spent the week riding and "training" so I had a chance of making it there in one piece.

It took us an hour each way and it was mostly a nice ride. We rode on a bike trail for about half the trip and had no problems riding on the sidewalk or the shoulder the rest of the way. There were two big hills on the way there but we made it. I realized after the trip that the first hill we went up was totally unnecessary. We just rode the way we usually drive...but there are lots of streets we could have taken sans hill. We'll remember that for next time.

The weather was beautiful and the trail is in great condition and it was mostly level. We rode up for a big family bbq that my parents hosted. We had great food and it was fun to hang out with family and friends. And then...we had to bike home. It was hard to start because our legs were tired, but once we were going downhill it was great. Unfortunately, we live on a hill in Provo, so there was no way to avoid having to go up another hill.

It may be lame to say I felt like I accomplished something, but it felt awesome to complete the goal we set. I'm sure we'll do it a few more times this summer.

The rest of the weekend was also nice. Sunday was a great day and we sure love our mothers!

And now it's rainy again. BUT take heart, it will be back in the 70s by Thursday.

one dress with pockets, please.

So, I made this dress. Well, I made half of it. You see, one day, after looking all over for a knee-length dress with sleeves, I marched myself to the fabric store and I was not leaving until I found a pattern and some fabric. I found this pattern and some purple jersey fabric. I worked on the dress and finished it the day of graduation. Then I tried it on and I had definitely estimated how the neck would fall wrong. Way too wide, and no way to really fix it.

So, that was lame.

Then after thinking about it for a few days, I took my beloved gray striped shirt from h&m that is a little too short these days and took the dress and voila. I cut the top off the dress and the bottom off the shirt and sewed them together. Then I sewed a waistband around the outside so it wasn't as blah. And, get this....

it totally fits! and it has pockets. And isn't dark blue or black, which is the dominant color in my Sunday dress pile.

win win win.

Pictures were taken with my mac and kind of look terrible. with our kitchen as the background. meh.


We just finished rewatching the series Scrubs. (one of my very favorites). I think that their series finale is one of the best I've ever seen (that, and most of the shows I watch are still going).

This song played during one of the last episodes and I love it. I'm pretty sure I've heard it before and I always love Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles, but I'm glad I rediscovered it.

Between the finale and this song I'm feeling quite nostalgic. For old friends, for old memories and old places and for the thought of everything changing soon.

And sometimes I'm so ready for change and so anxious for our future and so ready to move on, that when I miss the past and wish for it back, just for a moment, it hits hard. Sometimes I do wish things would stay the same for just one moment. And maybe it's the warmer weather speaking, but sometimes I just want to stand in the sun and just stay there. So I can feel the warmth and all the good things I've had in my life.

I still believe in summer days.
The seasons always change
and life will find a way.

oh, may.

ruffle streamers anyone? photo and tutorial from dana made it

I'm glad it's May and that it's almost summer. The forecast calls for weather in the high sixties and low seventies this week. Part of me is super suspicious and the other part of me is dying for warm weather--hoping and hoping that it won't snow after being a rumored 76 degrees. And if it does, we are not living here anymore. You know, after we are done living here.

Two of our really good friends are going away to Philadelphia and Boston for med and law school...and I'm super jealous! Maybe not for the more schooling (heh), but for adventures in two awesome cities. Congrats to katie and aaron & emily and ryan. We will definitely miss you!!

This weekend we fixed up our bikes for summer riding. We got some new tires and a helmet for my bike (well, the helmet is for me), a new seat and ordered handlebars for dave's bike. Dave gave our bikes tune ups as well. We are excited to ride our bikes places this summer and hope to cut down on our driving. We went for a ride on Sunday and yesterday I rode to campus and came home with Dave...and it went well.

Unfortunately, the Wii hasn't been helping me as much as I thought it was...but I do think it has helped :) Amazingly, I haven't been sore after riding bikes up hills after not having exerted my legs that much for a long time. And I do thank Wii training for that, but my endurance could use some work.

Anyway, we're hoping to avoid a few things this summer. We're hoping for no broken bones and no broken spirits. Still, after all that, I like bikes.

We went to see the Carl Bloch exhibit yesterday. It was a nice exhibit. And reminded me that I do like museums. Hopefully we'll go back this summer and check out the other exhibits.

And last, but not least, I made this lemon and orzo salad yesterday and it was sooo good. Thanks Jessica! It was fresh with lemon juice, a hint of dill and topped with feta. Dave said he was skeptical (hmm...not really surprised) but thought it was great! I would definitely recommend it.