bike scene.

This weekend was great. It was the best weather we've had all year and I was in heaven.

The biggest part of the weekend was our 17.2 mile bike ride. We biked to my parent's house in Orem. We decided to do it last week and spent the week riding and "training" so I had a chance of making it there in one piece.

It took us an hour each way and it was mostly a nice ride. We rode on a bike trail for about half the trip and had no problems riding on the sidewalk or the shoulder the rest of the way. There were two big hills on the way there but we made it. I realized after the trip that the first hill we went up was totally unnecessary. We just rode the way we usually drive...but there are lots of streets we could have taken sans hill. We'll remember that for next time.

The weather was beautiful and the trail is in great condition and it was mostly level. We rode up for a big family bbq that my parents hosted. We had great food and it was fun to hang out with family and friends. And then...we had to bike home. It was hard to start because our legs were tired, but once we were going downhill it was great. Unfortunately, we live on a hill in Provo, so there was no way to avoid having to go up another hill.

It may be lame to say I felt like I accomplished something, but it felt awesome to complete the goal we set. I'm sure we'll do it a few more times this summer.

The rest of the weekend was also nice. Sunday was a great day and we sure love our mothers!

And now it's rainy again. BUT take heart, it will be back in the 70s by Thursday.

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kylie said...

wow. 17.2 miles on a bike and you made the cutest dress i've seen with my eyes. you rock.