biking, car woes and good food.

Last Friday we rode our bikes up the road to Old Navy. We each got a new shirt (for 50% off, woo!). Dave got a t-shirt and I got this one. Please note that it is not a fitted T nor does it have stripes. I've been trying hard to branch out and I really like my new shirt.

Biking there was a good way to get Dave to come shopping with me because 1. it was exercise 2. we could only get what would fit in his backpack (less space=less deciding time for me) 3. 50% off

On our way home, we decided to stop at In-n-Out. It's right on the way home and we couldn't resist. It was a beautiful evening and the food was delicious! We loved riding our bikes. And the best part was the incline up to our house was easier than it has ever been.

Saturday was pretty busy. We took our car to get inspected (it failed emissions--boo) and will have to get some parts fixed this week. We are definitely not looking forward to that, but we have been really lucky with this car the past two years. Buying used is always risky and until now, we haven't had a single problem with it. But we knew this was coming.

Then we went and picked up some plants for our garden (more on that later). It was really fun. I'm pretty sure when I was younger I did not like going to greenhouses with my parents but this time around, it was so cool to see all the different plants/vegetables/fruits that you could grow! I wish we had more room to plant and am excited for the day when we can have our own big garden and lawn to work with.

I then went to Cafe Zupa's with my grandma (who is very cool) and it was really good! I think I went there with Dave's family like 3 years ago and no one was that impressed. However, after Saturday, I have no idea why we didn't like it. Their bbq chicken salad and turkey, spinach and artichoke panini were really good, as were their desserts! I want to go back soon.

Will you have a garden this year? What are you growing? And...have you ever been to Zuppas? What did you think?


Shanna Selin said...

I liked Zuppas when we went there.

Megan said...

cute shirt! I'm also excited to have a garden someday that has all the herbs I need for cooking in it. My Brother-in-law's brother is actually the founder of Zuppas and so at all their family gatherings we have their salads and chocolate covered strawberries, yum.

Lauren Haddow said...

I'm growing a garden too! It doubles as a practicum project so I have a blog for it: It's so much fun! Especially since I haven't killed anything yet.. hope to see some pictures of your plants soon!

Katya said...

i want a garden!!!!! but i probably won't start one until next year because we'll get to philly too late in the summer. what are you thinking about planting?

also, your old navy shirt is really cute :)

Jody said...

zupas = love. your shirt = adorable. and one day i just might get over the fact that i want a yard full of nothing but rocks in the arizona sun and will desire to plant a garden.

Emily said...

ok so now you have to teach me how to garden and how to sew!