friends don't let friends double park.

This weekend we are running errands, biking to our garden to check it out (I had a dream that someone stole all our plants) and going Lauren's (one of the fab Bowen 11 roommates) wedding reception. It should be fun!

And maybe one day we'll look back and laugh about the guy who parked behind our car (i.e. double parked) (completely in the middle of the parking lane) at 7 peaks when we went to get our summer pass. I mean, what did he think, we'd be gone swimming all day and he'd just be a few minutes?? (the pool is not open yet)


Oh, and there was an empty stall TWO stalls over. The guy who double parked the car next to us came out and was like oh, sorry! I parked here because I thought it was a spot so this guy must have thought that as well (ok, so neither of these two guys have brains, apparently). THERE WAS A POLE in front of our spot and oh yeah, the parking lane behind us. I really wanted to go into the office and ask whomever owned the car to kindly park in an actual stall.

Luckily no one had double parked the car on the other side, so Dave shimmied our car out of there.

In other news, it's finally sunny again and I'm loving it.

As per the request of the fabulous Katie, I added a "recipes" page up at the top. The page has recipes that I've posted or linked to (or, most of them). Enjoy! I've also changed the template and header. What do you think?

Happy weekend! May you not be the victim of double parking.

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Chris said...

Or maybe he just figured you would get caught up in the rapture while he was in there, so you wouldn't be needing your car anyway...