happy friday indeed.

This morning Dave alerted me that our fridge had been left open all night. This is quite the mystery, as we are both well-trained in the art of shutting the fridge. I don't even remember when we had it open last.

I am understandably (and of course, reasonably) upset about the $20 of food we will just have throw away (an unopened carton of sour cream, yogurt pack, milk, unopened lunch meat, new bottle of real miracle whip...a new pack of cooked costco chicken (my favorite)....). I hate wasting. I'm sure we will survive (and ok, we probably weren't going to eat the yogurt), but it's kind of sad.

Also, our sink is full of dishes. I think someone came over last night, left the fridge open and dirtied up 1000 dishes. That totally explains it.

Ok, well, I'm over it. I'd rather not get sick.

Here are some cool things:

1. in-n-out secret menu guide. Next time we go, I'm getting a root beer float.

2. pintrest. More cool things to add to my never-ending to-do list. Also, a big time sucker, I'm sure.

3. The Meanest Mom blog. Having four young kids never seemed so fun/exasperating. Check it out, her stories and writing style are HILARIOUS. I can't help but feel I'm taking a peek into our (my) future.

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Katya said...

ack, sorry about the fridge! that's super annoying. are you on pinterest? i have a couple boards for saving cute house stuff/recipes/places to visit on vacation. love that site!

also, have you thought about including a page that links to all of your awesome recipes at the top of your blog? because i totally search through your blog for recipes often (making those drenched in butter breadsticks tomorrow..yummmmm)