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Not much happened this week. It was barely sunny and our cucumber plant is pretty much dead. However, I have high hopes for our pepper plant. I will also post pictures of our potted plants. They are lovely.

I've been having fun browsing on pinterest You should try it, if you're into that sorta thing.

We're headed up north for Memorial day. Do you know what that means? It means family and food, yes, but it also means IKEA. It's one of my allotted 3 per year trips (just kidding) (but it seems that way). Basically, I'm gonna snatch up as many blue and white striped things I can find like these , these and this OR other striped items like these or these OR just other awesome things in general like these, this, this or ALL of these new things. I'm for sure leaving with this fabric so I can make one of these awesome beach bags from elle apparel.

Ok, I am not going to buy all those things and I'm not obsessed with IKEA, per se, but I do love a good trip there. Ok? I wish it was closer, so it didn't seem like such an novelty.

But it is. And here we are.

happy weekend!!


Jenna & Joey said...

being sick and having access to pinterest is not a good combo, i spent way too much time on there today.

Katya said...

omg. i clicked on every link in this post and i love. it. all. especially that white pitcher/vase with the blue flowers on it. so cute! and don't worry, i'm only allowed 2 trips to IKEA per year, so there ya go.

Ryan said...

I love Ikea, I won't lie. And it actually gets me excited to live in a smallish apt and just but almost all Ikea and have a rad cute house. They're little versions of apartments are just so darn cute!

lindsay said...

that picture is genius. love it.