meet our plants

hello, everyone. I would like you to meet our stellar indoor plants. They are beating the pants off our outdoor plants.

this is our cactus. why we bought a cactus, I have no idea. but dave liked it and it's obviously low-key maintenance.

this is our delicious-smelling basil plant. I've only used a few leaves on pizza last week because I'm worried that no new leaves will grow. also, I know nothing about growing herbs. but it's still alive and has grown since we bought it.

this is our six-foot tall oregano plant. it has pretty much tripled since we bought, which I think is quite impressive. why we didn't get a cilantro plant instead, I have no idea. so...what does one do with oregano leaves??

this is a habanero plant. we bought four and planted two in our garden, then decided to plant one at home for fun. it's about four times bigger than the ones outside.

this is our dahlia plant. I wanted to try growing flowers and I really like dahlias. I took this picture last week, but I took another picture today because it started blooming. I love seeing new buds everyday...I feel like we are getting the hang of owning plants.


Amanda said...

that cactus is adorable!

cindy said...

Basil actually grows more if you use it (learned from Pioneer Woman, haha). Your plants look great!

Jody Lynn said...

my house is going to be full of cactus and bamboo plants someday. :) and bonsai (sp?) trees.

Katya said...

i love your indoor plants! your herbs are so inspiring!

Lauren Haddow said...

so brent totally bought the same cactus plant when I went shopping for my plants! great minds think alike?