oh, may.

ruffle streamers anyone? photo and tutorial from dana made it

I'm glad it's May and that it's almost summer. The forecast calls for weather in the high sixties and low seventies this week. Part of me is super suspicious and the other part of me is dying for warm weather--hoping and hoping that it won't snow after being a rumored 76 degrees. And if it does, we are not living here anymore. You know, after we are done living here.

Two of our really good friends are going away to Philadelphia and Boston for med and law school...and I'm super jealous! Maybe not for the more schooling (heh), but for adventures in two awesome cities. Congrats to katie and aaron & emily and ryan. We will definitely miss you!!

This weekend we fixed up our bikes for summer riding. We got some new tires and a helmet for my bike (well, the helmet is for me), a new seat and ordered handlebars for dave's bike. Dave gave our bikes tune ups as well. We are excited to ride our bikes places this summer and hope to cut down on our driving. We went for a ride on Sunday and yesterday I rode to campus and came home with Dave...and it went well.

Unfortunately, the Wii hasn't been helping me as much as I thought it was...but I do think it has helped :) Amazingly, I haven't been sore after riding bikes up hills after not having exerted my legs that much for a long time. And I do thank Wii training for that, but my endurance could use some work.

Anyway, we're hoping to avoid a few things this summer. We're hoping for no broken bones and no broken spirits. Still, after all that, I like bikes.

We went to see the Carl Bloch exhibit yesterday. It was a nice exhibit. And reminded me that I do like museums. Hopefully we'll go back this summer and check out the other exhibits.

And last, but not least, I made this lemon and orzo salad yesterday and it was sooo good. Thanks Jessica! It was fresh with lemon juice, a hint of dill and topped with feta. Dave said he was skeptical (hmm...not really surprised) but thought it was great! I would definitely recommend it.


Katya said...

we'll miss you too! i think we're getting a 2 bedroom condo/apt so you guys should definitely come stay with us!!!

also, i really liked this post. and it has inspired me to think about biking. haha, that's something at least :)

David and Jessica Clyde said...

I'm glad you liked it! My Dave is also a little skeptical, but I'm still going to keep making it because I think it's great and I feel so healthy eating it!