So...I have had this thought in my head for months. I often go into to stores and see a cute skirt. Then, I realize it's a dress. And then I get really confused/bummed because it would have a made a cute skirt. And they are usually so short as a dress, I wonder what was the point. (I know, I'm not very fashionable)

Well, what if I just bought it and wore it like a skirt? Is that a big faux pa? Take this dress, above, at Old Navy. Last week, I considered getting it as a dress (to wear over a swimsuit) and in the dressing room, I slid it down to see if it would fit over my hips. Well, it did. And if I wore a shirt over the bust part (which hit at my waist), I believe that no one would know it was a dress. The ruffled skirt hit my knees, even.

Dave thought I was crazy and I didn't end up getting it this theoretically possible? It is kind of depressing that all the skirts are so short and end up being dresses most of the time.

What do you think!? Should a dress always remain a dress?

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Jenna & Joey said...

i totally do that, wear dresses as skirts, and in the summer i use them for swim cover-ups. double duty-ing is always a good idea :)

Katya said...

if anyone can pull off a dress as skirt, it would totally be you with your mile longs legs! love the new tabs at the top of the page! how'd you do that??

Karen said...

I think if it works as a skirt, then wear it as a skirt. I know this is kind of a different situation, but I actually bought a tube top dress from American Eagle a couple weeks ago because since the top is stretchy it worked as a maternity skirt, and it was a whole lot cheaper than the skirt that looked just like it at Motherhood Maternity. So hey if it's stretchy, it could probably work as a maternity skirt too. I have experienced that problem many times.

Amanda said...

I think you should go for it! There are no rules in fashion, do whatever the beep you want! :)

Emily said...

I know a few girls who've totally done that, because they like the bottom of the dress, and usually the top is immodest. you could wear it as a dress and put a shirt over, or totally just cut the top off so that it's just a skirt. I should email my friend, her and her sister are really tall and I know her sister's done it more than once.