the basics.

A few friends and I just finished a cake decorating class and it was fun!

I don't think I want to make a cake for another 5 years or so, but it was fun to learn how to do some new things.


huge tips. this wasn't really part of the class but we did a little with them. And now I have them, so they are my favorite way to decorate.

shaggy mum and droopy leaf; this was a bad frosting day.

final class: roses (which I later scraped off because I thought they were ugly and ill-placed), cool dot border, little rosettes and ugly piping.

I still graduated, if you can believe it. It was fun and hopefully I'll use some of my new skills in the future. That is the point, isn't it??

and most of these pics are from photobooth or a phone (the clear ones are from jody's iphone).

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Jody Lynn said...

my iphone takes better pictures than my camera.