cake decorating

I am taking a cake decorating class with a few friends. It has been pretty fun so far. I mean, it's nothing super hard, but it is nice to have time set aside to practice, etc. In this week's class we practiced putting a cake together (I know, hard, right?) (though I did learn a cool technique for filling a cake), frosting it (and I did wonderfully. notice the cake crumbs spread through out the frosting) AND how to do pipping gel transfer. That was a new skill I learned and it is pretty awesome. It makes it easy to decorate cakes with a cool design.

Even with the speckled frosting, this was one of my better cakes. Don't get me wrong, both layers totally fell in the middle (grr). BUT the frosting I used was great (I just didn't use two inches like most fancy cakes, hence the crumbs) and I'll have to try again. I have the whole world of tip design open to me. Well, after I learn how to do roses during weeks 3 & 4. Then I'll be all set.

We didn't learn how to do these, but the kit came with a 1M star tip (which is awesome) which makes these fabulously easy roses and cute...dollops (for lack of a better word). Fancy stars, etc. I don't know. I made these for our little baby shower.

p.s. I used this cake recipe and got nothing but good reviews.

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