more than you needed to know about my cake-making experience.

This weekend I made my sister a birthday cake (who is, by the way, sixteen today. happy birthday, dude). (and dude, I can't believe she's sixteen).

She had one request: "a harry potter cake". Well, most the good harry potter cakes are made with fondant and a lot of talent. So....I had a vision. A layered gold and scarlet cake with gold frosting and banner that said "alisa for president" on top. You with me so far? Anyway, she likes chocolate cake so I decided to try making a red velvet cake and frost it gold. Then I decided to pipe the harry potter logo on top.

first up: red velvet batter. beautiful, right?

Next up: a perfect cake!! I was so happy. Then the second cake totally stuck to the pan and was a big mess. Dave was nice and fixed it by piecing the pieces together right on the pedestal.

Next is the part where I ended up with pink frosting. Well, we added a ton of red and blue and green food coloring...and eventually got a color that could pass as maroon/some sort of scarlet. It did darken once I frosted it. Why wasn't it gold? I figured the logo was gold, so the frosting should match the cake. bahhaha. NOTE TO SELF: stick to pastel frosting colors.

BUT please note the lovely and perfectly round flat cake.

Then I free-handed the logo . Why does it look like I frosted a bologna cake with mustard? Don't ask, because I have no idea.

And, by the way, the cake was really good! I would recommend it!

Eh, things always look better in your head. Next time, though. next time.


super awesome kt said...

haha! Awesome! I think it's not uncommon to be long on vision and short on gold frosting! The key thing is that it tastes good - also, NICE job icing it! Even if the colors didn't work out, everything else looks awesome!

btw, can we make this in August?

I'm going to try it this weekend for a potluck - I'm excited!

Ashley said...

haha. your blog never fails to make me smile :) I love it! keep it up. wish I was as good at keeping my blog updated as you are!

Jody Lynn said...

hey you did a really good job! i'm impressed! i'm still laughing about my frosting mishaps last night at class. haha.

Emily said...

love it!! you'll definitely have to teach me some of your made cake and baking and sewing skills pronto. because i leave in twenty days.

kylie said...

ah! harry potter cake?!?! best idea ever. i bet your sister loved it! :)