I made myself a striped tote yesterday. (I was jealous of katie's cool penn chemistry one!)

I'm surprised as anyone that it turned out. I used another bag as a template and just went for it. The strips are a little mismatched (which I was kind of going for) and I love it.

As always, you can't look too close because I'm an impatient sewer BUT it is quite symmetrical/even so I'm super proud of it anyway.

*watch this. it's hilarious. then this.


Katya said...

i see you decided to go with the white straps. :) i love it! it's so so so cute!

Jody Lynn said...

very chic! please tell me that bag was easy to make, because i'm feeling crafty all of the sudden.

Morgan and Holly said...

I noticed your tote when you walked into church today and I thought "I wonder where she got that. It's super cute!" Now I know :) You should show me how to make one!