dusk & summer

This summer has a much slower pace than last summer, and it's kind of nice. We haven't had a summer in Provo for a few years, and it's nice to be back. But slow pace means not much to post about, I guess. We ride our bikes (dave way more than me...on Saturday he rode 60 miles!), watch some of our favorite shows, play just dance, work, swim and form terrible sleep habits. oh well, it's summer. We've also said good-bye to good friends, which is too sad to write about!

I cut my hair, if you didn't notice before. I forgot how much I like short hair. it's the bomb.com.

I bought a popsicle mold set and have experimented with a few flavors. I've made strawberries and cream and creamy lemon. Delicious! I would highly recommend them.

we're pretty content, but I still day dream a little about what's next. one step at a time, as always. I'm really excited for August when we spend half of it with family in really fun places.

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Kristen said...

Sorry to be such a slow commenter....love your hair! It's darling! The popsicles look delicious as well. I need to buy a mold one of these days....