On Saturday, we went fishing with my family. It was fun! It was nice weather and I sat in my chair and read Harry Potter #4 in between casting a few lines. We didn't catch anything (save two logs and some slime [see above; my bait was gone, so it's like I "caught" it, right?]), but it was still fun! I often thought of this passage from one of my most favorite books*:

"When we'd get home, my mother would always say, "Catch anything?" Sometimes we had caught a few fish, but mostly we hadn't, and at those times, my father would say, "Caught the sun! Caught the day!"

My mother loved that; she loved it to pieces. She'd kiss his cheek and say, "You are a prince among men."

*Bloomability by Sharon Creech.

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Lauren Haddow said...

Sounds fun! I always hated fishing because we had to cut the guts out. It was disgusting. Of course, my dad always did that...