i must admit i'm looking forward to it.

I think how everyone feels tonight is how I felt 4 years ago.

I'm not attached at all the the movies; my feelings for movies 1-5 range from good to ugh to meh. I admit the sixth movie was pretty good and I actually liked 7.1. With except of maybe 6-7.2, the first is the best ONLY because the book was so short, they could fit most things in.

I think the actors (for the most part) are exactly as I pictured, but the world itself and the magic is not (for the most part). I know it's unreasonable to expect them to create something that is in my head, which is why I just accept the movies for what they are and move on.

Mostly, it's hard to watch a movie and think "that is not what he said; that is not what she said; she actually said "..."; that happened later; that is totally not how it happened; they are missing this, etc" during the whole movie.

Which is why I don't feel that my childhood is ending tomorrow, because I remember it ending in July of 2007 when I waited in line at midnight for the 7th book dressed as a witch from Ravenclaw and that next afternoon as, with tears in my eyes*, I closed the 7th book for the first time. Later, when Katie slept over and we dissected/gushed about it for at least an hour (heh).

I'm glad the last movie is finally here, and, as my favorite story of all time, I'm looking forward to seeing the movie and how it ends. I'm even seeing it at midnight.

I realize I fall into a small minority...but thoughts?

*I know, right? I still cry reading books 4-7...even though I totally know what happens and I've read it many times before. Her writing, I tell you.


Morgan and Holly said...

You are not alone! I remember waiting in line for the 7th book and finishing it the next day and shedding a few tears while thinking, "Wow...I can't believe it's over."

Katya said...

I totally agree. The movies were never where the magic of Harry Potter was anyway. When the books were done, it was done for me. Only once have I felt that the movies properly captured the emotion I felt while reading the books, and that was the part in 7.2 where you find out Snape's love for Lilly.

And after reading this post I totally wish I'd stolen my family's Harry Potter books and brought them with us. :) I need to reread!

alyssa sorenson. said...

I see it like this: Looking at literature and film as two forms of art, they are, obviously, completely different. I don't think that movies need to be exact replicas of the books they are inspired from. A painting and a photograph, even though they may try to depict the same thing, are never going to be exactly alike. Same with Harry Potter. The books were amazing, and movies almost never live up to the books because they are different medium. So I enjoy watching the movies and I enjoy reading the books, but realize while everything might not be the same, that's kinda just what happens when books turn into films. And take it for what it is.

That said, I still need to see the last one and I am super excited for it. Thanks for the post! Very interesting.