it's amazing what a bit of sun will do.

this weeks harvest: a bowl of spinach and romaine, some teeny carrots (we were just thinning them; they should look much better later) and one strawberry.

our garden looks really good these days. here is our spinach plants, strawberry plant, and our little pepper plant (with a few tiny peppers!). even our marigolds are looking good!

here's our lettuce, tomatoes (our plants are getting so big and we have a few little green tomatoes) and carrots on the top right.

I love having a garden. I bet it is even better when it's right outside your house (or maybe not?) and you can see the fruits of your labors everyday. I guess if it was right outside, we'd feel inclined to water it more and weed it more...this is a good start to gardening. I can't wait to have a bigger space to grow more things! Every time we go there, I'm excited to see how it has grown.

And by labors, I mean the 8 mile bike ride.

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