just dance

I got this for my birthday and I'm loving it. Even though Dave always beats everyone, it's still pretty fun. It's fun to play with multiple players, so if you're up for a little dance battle, let me know (i'm thinking a christensen family battle in august? anybody? anybody?). Just ask the mangums. It's pretty fun.

Even if Dave always wins with his technically perfect moves while I'm dancing my heart out.



Connie said...

Our favorite too. Jared is one of the best at our house. Love those songs.

Kara Lyn said...

I got the same game for Christmas and I love it too!! It really is great and I beat Joe every time. I even beat him once while holding Dee Dee.

Christensens said...

Bring it on, baby. The Christensen family will be up for it. (At least some of us.) By the way, is there a notice that you need to get permission from your doctor first?