the overuse of the word awesome because that is just what it was.

Dave and I went to the Stadium of Fire with my dad and two of my sisters. It was so fun.

The opening involved parachutists landing in the middle of the stadium and it was awesome. I know this may sound silly, but it was so moving to see the last one flying down the American flag. It was an awesome sight. The flag was brought back from the Middle East by Utah servicemen, who did a flyover after the parachutists.

Then the whole audience stood as the flag was raised and we recited the pledge. Then David Archuleta sang the national anthem. It was such a great opening. I think the reason why the 4th is my favorite is because patriotism really brings everyone together. I mean, I know that everyone is happy at Christmas and Thanksgiving, but there is a together-ness I feel at the 4th that is unique and I love it.

They had these fun beach balls for the audience to bounce around during the opening dance number.

Then the main events: David Archuleta and Brad Paisley! They were so good live. They sang great songs and I loved it. I love live music and this was a great concert.

Then the fireworks! I have never seen better fireworks, I swear. I sat there grinning like a kid because they were so awesome! Timed to the music and just AWESOME. I'll post some videos later.

These flames were so hot, we felt like we were standing right next to them, instead of 150 yards away.

The finale of the fireworks show was so INCREDIBLE. They had these fireworks that boomed so loudly, it felt like the stadium was going to fall apart. I've never felt anything like it before...the whole audience gasped...and then it was over and we just erupted with cheers. It was so awesome!

we love the USA!!

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Jody Lynn said...

stadium of fire is awesome. i missed going this year.