book list

This summer I read more books than I have in a long time.  More non-fiction than I have read in my entire life.  I wonder if it's because I'm not in school reading textbooks, and I still want to be learning.  My favorite thing to do at the library is browse the stand they have of new non-fiction and pick out a few and try them out. Here's a quick list of the books I finished this summer:

1. Better - Atul Gawande (I love his writing and stories.  I loved it as much as Complications)

2. Complications - Atul Gawande (see here for my review))

3. William and Harry: Behind the Palace Walls - Katie Nicholl (eh, what can I say?  It caught my eye and it was interesting.  Modern history, you know.)

4. Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell (I've wanted to read this for a long time.  I thought it was so interesting!)

5. The Tipping Point - Malcolm Gladwell (Same here.  It was great as well.)

6. Paradox of Choice - Barry Schwartz (see here for my review)

7. If You Ask Me (And of Course You Won't) - Betty White (A great and easy read.  I think it took me an hour, maybe.  Just a fun, light read.)

8. In Defense of Food - Michael Pollan (I loved this book.  I really agree with his line of thinking.)

9. Sherlock Holmes - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (These were fun to read.  Robert Downey Jr. is a perfect Holmes, as is Jude Law the perfect Watson.)

10.  What Happened To Good-bye? - Sarah Dessen (another "eh, what can I say?"  I love her books. She always writes things that resonate with me.)

11. The Pioneer Woman: From Black Heels to Tractor Wheels - Ree Drummond  (A great read.  I think she writes really well and it is a fun story.)

I'm working on a few more books (still waiting for Tina Fey's!).

Oh yeah, I also had a sewing list for the summer.  Here is what I sewed from the list this summer:

1.  nothing

I did sew a few onesies and bibs for gifts, but they don't count.  I just haven't felt like sewing anything.  Oh, I guess I did sew this tote bag, but it's nothing too spectacular!

Any good books I missed? 


same changes.

a few weeks ago we watched "morning glory". it was pretty good and had great music. this song in particular caught my...ear.

it's another one of those songs. one that resonates and I listen to it over and over again. just in case you thought I outgrew that. I did not.

p.s. I also am really liking this song . funny video, too!

cloudy with a chance of tomatoes, part II

when we came back from vacation, our garden was bursting with tomatoes. we've gotten two large bowlfuls of tomatoes since thursday. the romas all went to pizza sauce (I made a big batch and froze it) and the large ones are for tomato sandwiches, which i love.

fresh garden tomatoes smell so good and taste much better than store tomatoes. I can never again have a summer with out a tomato plant (or 4).

calvin the great.

Over vacation, Calvin learned to say my name! He calls me nana (like banana)

He has a hard time with Dave/David. He has called Dave (with prompting) deese, day, day do (thank you), pees (please) and deuce . haha! The best is when you have something he wants, and he'll trade you a few words for a treat.

He was quite the entertainment. This video is from today and you can here him say "buh bye" "nana" "doo" (dude) and see him blow a kiss.



After we saw old faithful, we walked a few miles around yellowstone looking at the geysers and hot springs. They were all unique and pretty cool. In the first set of pictures, the one on the right is a picture of the paint pots, which was bubbling mud. It was the coolest thing.

In this picture you can see a silhouette AND voldemort's creepy face coming out of the steam. Do you see it??

ye olde faithful

The first big thing we did on our vacation was drive to Yellowstone. Our first stop was Old Faithful. (though apparently, it's getting less "faithful" as the years go on).

It was very cool to see and quite impressive. Waiting for it to go off is how Dave got some nice calf and ankle sunburns, but hopefully it was worth it!

a curious soul.

Dave and I often remark that I am a curious soul. There are many things I wish I knew more about (starting with everything). I always like to look things up I don't know or remember...I just wonder about a lot of things. I suppose this is good and keeps me learning. I am anxious for the day when I will be able to comprehend how everything works.

The Saturday before we left on vacation, Dave and I watched Calvin (our nephew) for almost the whole day. And it was so fun! We love love love watching Calvin. He's so sweet and cute, especially as he's learning more and more. As we spent the day doing different things like going out to eat with my family and going to Costco, I started wondering. My mom commented that Calvin could totally pass for our kid. And with Dave carrying him and me carrying the diaper bag, who would know? I mean, he doesn't look like either of us specifically, but close enough?

I started wondering what it is like to be a mom. I almost wanted to laugh at Costco as I thought "you know, everyone thinks we're a little family and Calvin is our kid. imagine that!". And while I love Calvin and would do things a mother would do for him, I wondered what it's like to love and do things for children as a mother.

And of course I'll find out what it means someday, but I can't help but be curious.

back from vacation.

We just got back from spending a week with Dave's family in the Tetons (Idaho, near Yellowstone). It was really fun and we came back with just a few bumps and bruises, some sore muscles (amanda), some scrapes and a really sunburned legs (dave). We spent the week lounging around, visiting Yellowstone, playing games, chasing Calvin around (and letting him sit in the driver's seat, his favorite), doing some hiking and eating a ton of food. We are quite sad to return to the real world.

Stay tuned for some more posts about our vacation!

park citay.

This last week we went up to Park City with my family. We shopped, swam and ate some good food. We also spent a day at Park City Resort and it was awesome!!

We rode the alpine slide, did some awesome trampoline jumping (waaaaay harder than it looks), rode down a zip-line and rode the alpine coaster. It was a great vacation and fun to spend time with my family. Next up, we're off to the tetons with Dave's family!

If you want to see a video of our day, click here. (it's a bit shaky, but most of it is action shots)

the finish line

Remember Dave's big ride? Here is a video on him crossing the finish line. I was hoping to get him and Evan together, but Evan zipped ahead at the end. Also, if you want to see more pictures of Dave riding, see the professional pictures here . I know you want to buy a 20 x 30 poster print. (thanks to evan for the link)

new finds.

This last weekend was pretty fun. Dave's brother Bruce and his wife Karren came to Utah for a wedding and we only got to see them for a few minutes, but it was fun to see them. They brought us some chocolate-covered sunflower seeds. I've never had them before and boy, are they good.

They are sitting on our new coffee table which I bought at Ikea for 8 bucks.

'twas a good Ikea day, that's for sure!!

meals of note

here are some good things we've eaten lately:

chocolate cream pie

southwest pasta salad (soooooooooo good)

black bean soup

shrimp scampi

Anything good you've tried lately?


Today Dave and Evan (and their friend, Garrett) rode the ULCER (utah lake century epic ride) which was about 105 miles. I know, right? They are crazy.

Shanna and I went to Ikea and it was fun. I love hanging out with Calvin (and Shanna as well!) He, of course, was busy and couldn't be interviewed to tell you how fun it is to hang out with me. We hung out near the end of the race for about an hour until they rode up.

I would not look like that if I had just rode 105 miles! I'm pretty sure my legs would have fallen off and I'd be crying in pain and relief, I'm sure. Dave said he almost cried in relief, but instead gave me a big smile. I'm proud of him for signing up, training and finishing!!

more baby sets.

I made some more baby sets for my grandma (to give as gifts). Oh, onesies are so cute.

another garden update.

I don't know how interested you all are in our garden, but it's the most rewarding thing we've done all summer (or the only exciting thing).

first up: dahlias! I will forever love these flowers. Once I figured out it needed more water, it responded beautifully.

tomatoes: give us a few weeks and we'll have them coming out of our ears!

peppers: our pepper plants struggled. like, really struggled. no jalapenos in site, and we got three little baby peppers (I think they should have been full-sized).

We did start harvesting our cherry tomatoes. We bought a sun sugar plant because the guy at the greenhouse said it was the best. And you know, I think he was right. We weren't sure if they were ready, but it turns out they are supposed to be orange. yum.