a curious soul.

Dave and I often remark that I am a curious soul. There are many things I wish I knew more about (starting with everything). I always like to look things up I don't know or remember...I just wonder about a lot of things. I suppose this is good and keeps me learning. I am anxious for the day when I will be able to comprehend how everything works.

The Saturday before we left on vacation, Dave and I watched Calvin (our nephew) for almost the whole day. And it was so fun! We love love love watching Calvin. He's so sweet and cute, especially as he's learning more and more. As we spent the day doing different things like going out to eat with my family and going to Costco, I started wondering. My mom commented that Calvin could totally pass for our kid. And with Dave carrying him and me carrying the diaper bag, who would know? I mean, he doesn't look like either of us specifically, but close enough?

I started wondering what it is like to be a mom. I almost wanted to laugh at Costco as I thought "you know, everyone thinks we're a little family and Calvin is our kid. imagine that!". And while I love Calvin and would do things a mother would do for him, I wondered what it's like to love and do things for children as a mother.

And of course I'll find out what it means someday, but I can't help but be curious.


Katya said...

i like that phrase "curious soul". i think it's definitely a good way to describe you. annnnnddd, i can't wait for you to have your own little calvins.

i nominated you for a blog award! i really love reading your blog (and not just because you're my bff, but because you always manage to say exactly what i'm thinking much better than i could).

Kristen said...

I have the same thoughts when I'm with the kids at work, especially when Greg is with me. It's crazy to think that we will actually have our own kids in the not too distant future.