I feel like we didn't do much this summer.  However, once I take a look back, it wasn't as boring as I thought.  We biked a lot, planted one awesome garden, read a lot of books, went to the Stadium of Fire, took some great vacations and watched the entire series of Star Trek: The Next Generation.  (Yikes, did I just admit that on the world wide web??)  I also started watching Monk and took a cake decorating class.   We also made some great food, hung out with our favorite friends and had to say goodbye to two of our favorite couples.

While I loved the slower pace of summer, as always, I find myself glad to be moving on.

These pictures were taken by Dave's brother Bruce with his fancy camera.  I sure married into a great family!!

I can't believe it's September already!


Kristen said...

Love the pictures! You are so photogenic!

Emily said...

Love the picture of you and Dave. And I love your shirt. Super cute.

Katya said...

super cute photos! i love your hair :)

Camilla Belle said...

I had so many plans this summer, and none of them got done. No garden, no camping, no lake trips, didn't paint the house, didn't even buy myself a kitchen table. (Because right now we eat on the floor or on the bed--when the kids aren't here. ;)
Glad you had a good summer! Love the pics.