Today Dave and Evan (and their friend, Garrett) rode the ULCER (utah lake century epic ride) which was about 105 miles. I know, right? They are crazy.

Shanna and I went to Ikea and it was fun. I love hanging out with Calvin (and Shanna as well!) He, of course, was busy and couldn't be interviewed to tell you how fun it is to hang out with me. We hung out near the end of the race for about an hour until they rode up.

I would not look like that if I had just rode 105 miles! I'm pretty sure my legs would have fallen off and I'd be crying in pain and relief, I'm sure. Dave said he almost cried in relief, but instead gave me a big smile. I'm proud of him for signing up, training and finishing!!


Christensens said...

Way to go David and Evan! What supportive families you are. When Milt did his big bike ride, I wasn't there at the finish line waiting.

Laura C said...

When I saw the title for this post, all I thought was "oh no!" but then I realized ULCER is an acronym...whoops :) Go Dave!