the one where I almost dive into a dumpster

If I ever have to spend money for work, I am reimbursed by a check that is separate from my paycheck. This last pay period, I had a pretty hefty check. It is a small check that you tear away from an envelope, so I usually deposit it the day I get it, just so it doesn't get lost.

Our carpets are getting cleaned today, so last night we cleaned up and moved furniture around, etc. We also took out a lot of trash. We had some boxes which I filled with the day's junk mail (a golf magazine, newspaper add, etc). And I'm sure you know where I'm going with this.

This morning, I'm getting ready and thinking how I need to deposit that check today and I'm like...wait, where is that check? I hope it didn't get thrown away. I go into the kitchen and check the table. No papers. Hmm, perhaps Dave moved it somewhere....??? I checked the fridge, the trash, my purse...nothing. Of course, it was probably thrown out with the junk mail.

I think that if I really lost the check, I could be sent another one. But what a bother. And well, I might as well go look at the dumpster and assess the situation. We took out the garbage at like 11:00, so chances were it was still on top. Never mind the chances that one little piece of paper could have drifted anywhere...

I take a deep breath, hold it, and open the lid. I scan for the boxes that we threw away. And what do you know?? There is a golf magazine and that check wedged between a bag and the box, in the top middle of the dumpster. The garbage didn't reach the top, but it was almost level with the side, so I could potentially reach it with no problem. Out of my standing reach, but I wouldn't have to climb in the dumpster. So. I open the lid all the way, hoist my self onto the edge and swing forward and sure enough, there's my check! I grab it and jump harm done, really. It didn't even smell that bad. Surprising, because we threw out a really nasty bag of nasty produce.

It was nothing like what my mother has had to do to find one of her children's retainer (which, for the record, was not mine). Two words: school dumpster. after lunch.

Ok, so, not the most dramatic story, but hopefully none of you were pulling for me to have to climb in the dumpster OR fall in once I was balancing on the edge...lucky for me, Wymount trash isn't so bad.

Do you have any good dumpster diving stories??

you guys.

I am quite excited that it's fall...which means season premieres. Perhaps I won't list all the shows I'm excited to watch....but you probably know most of them already.  I am excited to watch these two new ones though:

what are the shows you're looking forward to this fall?


Not much has been going on the last week.  I did get a half bushel of peaches for six dollars and did my best to use them all.  We ate some, froze most of them, made some fruit leather and lost a few to mold (gross).  The only downside is all of the fruit flies flying around!

I also bought this lamp at Target and I love it.  It was on clearance--even better! 

meals of note.

mel's kitchen cafe: super bean burritos. soo filling and full of good things.

  taste of homes: chicken chow mein.

our best bites: asian lettuce wraps.  these are delicious and pretty easy!

happy saturday!

wind caves

While we were in Idaho we went on a hike to the Wind Caves in Driggs.  It wasn't too bad of a hike and it was a beautiful day.  The scenery, as it usually is on a hike, was awesome.  There was a waterfall that flowed out from the cave.  We hiked up the steeeeeep switchbacks to the cave, explored a little in the cave and had a good time.  

This was also the occasion where I peed in the woods twice.  Nice, right?  I think half our party had to take a side trip in the woods.  All part of the adventure. 


I feel like we didn't do much this summer.  However, once I take a look back, it wasn't as boring as I thought.  We biked a lot, planted one awesome garden, read a lot of books, went to the Stadium of Fire, took some great vacations and watched the entire series of Star Trek: The Next Generation.  (Yikes, did I just admit that on the world wide web??)  I also started watching Monk and took a cake decorating class.   We also made some great food, hung out with our favorite friends and had to say goodbye to two of our favorite couples.

While I loved the slower pace of summer, as always, I find myself glad to be moving on.

These pictures were taken by Dave's brother Bruce with his fancy camera.  I sure married into a great family!!

I can't believe it's September already!