meals of note.

mel's kitchen cafe: super bean burritos. soo filling and full of good things.

  taste of homes: chicken chow mein.

our best bites: asian lettuce wraps.  these are delicious and pretty easy!

happy saturday!


Emily said...

i haven't made any of them but at least two are on my pintrest list. love when you try out new recipes and they're amazing. i feel like that's what the blogging world has done-made every recipe amazing by tweaking it and making awesome things for normal people to make and eat. love it.

except for the whole baking thing. i feel like that's more of a toss-up :)

Katya said...

omg, you always have the best recipes! i'm going to try those lettuce wraps next week. and those burritos sound sooooo good. like i want one right now.

Camilla Belle said...

Oh my gosh. I was hungry before looking at these, now I am STARVING!! Thanks for the recipes though! :)