halloween dinner

We didn't do much for Halloween this year (no costumes, parties or seasonal activities), but I did decide it would be fun to do a little something for dinner.  I am excited to do things like this (plus more) in the future for kids, but I figure I could make a few things with some dramatic flair.  

up first: slime.  hehe.  (just our fav crystal light) idea here, via pinterest. 

then we had bones & blood.  haha, that sounds really gross.  in fact, they were the best breadsticks ever.  idea here 

and the grand finale was tomato soup (more blood??) from scratch!  I've been wanting to make some for a while and finally got serious about finding a recipe.  I used home-grown tomatoes and basil.  5 minutes before I was going to use another recipe, I stumbled upon this recipe and will be exploring the archives on her site soon.  yum.  Anyways, super easy and it turned out great.  

anyway, we hope you had a great halloween! we watched some netflix and ran out of candy around 8:00.  For every kid that came, we would eat a piece.  Luckily, we only had a few kids come around after, but I figure they will survive!

First look

These are from last week. Aren't they so cute? It was crazy to have an ultrasound. It is more real now. Before it was like we believed I was pregnant and the doctor never called to say I wasn't...but to have the wand go over my stomach and boom! Baby! It was crazy. So anyway, here is baby c at 12 weeks and 5 centimeters long.

book club treats

I made these mini peanut butter rice krispy treats for book club.  Rice krispy treats are the easiest treat ever and I liked putting them in mini muffin wrappers.  I don't think it's any more work and it is more cute. And that totally matters.  And my chocolate drizzling skills.....suck.  But I'm blaming the chocolate. 

p.s. we read the persian pickle club.  anyone ever read it?  I don't think I'd ever heard of it.  It was good.

bow ties

I made some of these cute bow ties for a friend who is having a little boy soon. I made some for Calvin and have about...20 more ironed and folded, ready to be finished. So easy (no sewing!) and so cute!!

pumpkin pie

I signed up to make a pumpkin pie for our ward halloween party tonight.  I decided to try making pumpkin puree from scratch.  I even found "pie pumpkins" at the store, which were little and made it easy. I used to like our blender, but it did not do well with blending the pumpkin.  It didn't get it as smooth as I wanted, but oh well.  It adds...texture and such, right?  I think next on my want list is an awesome food processor.  

I used Pioneer Woman's Pumpkin Cream Pie recipe (yum) and started with the crust: 

then filled it with delicious, creamy, pumpkiny filling.  

With little fleck of pumpkin.  Meh, I hope that people don't find that really gross, because there is nothing I can do about it now!

also, the cream mixture heating on the stove with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves was the best thing I've smelled in a long time.  YUM! 

cinco de octubre

Thank you for the nice comments (both here & on facebook)!  We are excited to welcome baby c on May 5th (or cinco de mayo as it will be referred to in this post).  We went to our first doctor appt on October 5th and decided that is when we would start telling our family.  

SIDE NOTE:  when we first found out and figured out our due date (ipod app) it was May 4th.  

Hello.  STAR WARS DAY!!!!!  We thought it was awesome.  We even started preparing for such (more to come). 

Then we went to the doctor and he said May 5th.  I'm not sure why the small discrepancy, but whatever.  I know that a due date is an approximation, and hey, having the due date be May 5th means it's probably more likely the actual birthday could be May 4th.  Ok, enough about that.  Things looked good and we celebrated with lunch at Kneaders (yum!!).  Then we started brainstorming about ideas to tell our families (or I did, because Dave didn't really care).  We decided to go with the cinco de mayo theme, especially after we realized that it was the 5th of October (Dave was on board with this though...we had fun brainstorming).  So I bought some hats and mustaches and balloons and we were set to partay. 

My sister, Aimee, and her boyfriend helped us set the party by wearing some mustaches and weirding out the rest of my family.  haha.  

Here is the birthday boy with his Mexican flag balloons.  We ate dinner and one of my sisters was coming home from a practice.  Aimee and Colby were like "ok well we have to go now".  And I was, as calmly as possible, stressing that we should all just wait for everyone because the cake I made was so awesome that I only wanted to reveal it once.  Luckily, no one found it too weird that I boxed up the cake (I usually bring cakes over in a glass cake stand) and was insisting that we all JUST WAIT TO OPEN IT.  (I wasn't super calm inside..every time someone walked past the box, I just knew they'd open it).  

So we did go ahead and open it missing a sister, but short of explaining why, we didn't really have a choice.  So, dad opened the cake and there you go. 

Later that night we chatted on video chat with Dave's parents and some siblings.  Brian even had a hat to help us celebrate.  Everyone else we called totally guessed it, because 1. who calls people anymore?  2. Who calls people between 8-10 and tells them to get on speaker? 

Oh well, what can you do? It is hard to surprise people over the phone.  


how do you like them apples?  (or, rather, pumpkins?)

(idea from here)


I am contemplating pulling out my old pdbio text book and reading it.  I am hoping it will help make up for the brain cells I've lost watching netflix as much as I have this past year (the as much will remain a mystery).  I spend most of my time at home, so it's usually on as a background.  Sometimes, when I don't have any work, I just end up watching a lot of TV.  During the evenings, I hop on our borrowed exercise bike during an episode.  I feel good about doing that, at least.


Speaking of blerg, I finished Tina Fey's book Bossypants and it was great.  It was a funny book (she has some great stories) and I thought she had some good advice.  My favorite chapter was on being photographed for magazines: "don't ever feel inadequate when you look at magazines. Just remember that every person you see on a cover has a bra and underwear hanging out a gaping hole in the back.  Everyone. heidi klum, the olsen twims, david beckham, everybody."

"Do I worry about overly retouched photos giving women unrealistic expectations and body image issues?  I do.  I think that we will soon see a rise in anorexia in women over seventy. Because only people over seventy are fooled by Photoshop. ... People have learned how to spot it.  ... as long as we know it's fake, it's no more dangerous to society than a radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds.  ...  I find, the fancier the fashion magazine is, the worse the Photoshop."  She then goes on to say how the best Photoshoped cover she had was for a feminist magazine.  "..because they understand that it's okay to make a photo look as if you were caught on your best day in the best light."

Definitely a different take on Photoshop than my women's health class, but I like it.

Read it! (a bit o'language, if you care. After reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, however, I find I'm real good at skimming over words.)

So anyway, yesterday (when the majority of this post was written), I was not feeling too happy about things.  But dave took me out for a sweet pork salad (awww...) and life seemed to get better.  Reading funny books help.  As do $9.00 shoes.  Oh yeah, baby.  (nine dollars...I'm hard-pressed to resist shoes under 10 bucks)

There is also the great possibility I will get my new phone tomorrow:

But maybe not, because as the droid-loving sales associates at the at&t store will tell you, Apple does nothing but destroy hopes and dreams.

"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on."

Steve Jobs to Stanford grads in 2005

(thanks karren!)