cinco de octubre

Thank you for the nice comments (both here & on facebook)!  We are excited to welcome baby c on May 5th (or cinco de mayo as it will be referred to in this post).  We went to our first doctor appt on October 5th and decided that is when we would start telling our family.  

SIDE NOTE:  when we first found out and figured out our due date (ipod app) it was May 4th.  

Hello.  STAR WARS DAY!!!!!  We thought it was awesome.  We even started preparing for such (more to come). 

Then we went to the doctor and he said May 5th.  I'm not sure why the small discrepancy, but whatever.  I know that a due date is an approximation, and hey, having the due date be May 5th means it's probably more likely the actual birthday could be May 4th.  Ok, enough about that.  Things looked good and we celebrated with lunch at Kneaders (yum!!).  Then we started brainstorming about ideas to tell our families (or I did, because Dave didn't really care).  We decided to go with the cinco de mayo theme, especially after we realized that it was the 5th of October (Dave was on board with this though...we had fun brainstorming).  So I bought some hats and mustaches and balloons and we were set to partay. 

My sister, Aimee, and her boyfriend helped us set the party by wearing some mustaches and weirding out the rest of my family.  haha.  

Here is the birthday boy with his Mexican flag balloons.  We ate dinner and one of my sisters was coming home from a practice.  Aimee and Colby were like "ok well we have to go now".  And I was, as calmly as possible, stressing that we should all just wait for everyone because the cake I made was so awesome that I only wanted to reveal it once.  Luckily, no one found it too weird that I boxed up the cake (I usually bring cakes over in a glass cake stand) and was insisting that we all JUST WAIT TO OPEN IT.  (I wasn't super calm inside..every time someone walked past the box, I just knew they'd open it).  

So we did go ahead and open it missing a sister, but short of explaining why, we didn't really have a choice.  So, dad opened the cake and there you go. 

Later that night we chatted on video chat with Dave's parents and some siblings.  Brian even had a hat to help us celebrate.  Everyone else we called totally guessed it, because 1. who calls people anymore?  2. Who calls people between 8-10 and tells them to get on speaker? 

Oh well, what can you do? It is hard to surprise people over the phone.  


Christensens said...

I bet that was your Dad's best birthday present EVER!

Jody Lynn said...

i love it! that picture of your dad opening the cake box is great. :D keep us posted! can't wait to hear more about baby c.

Shannon said...

that cake is the cutest, and your dad's face is priceless! I bet your parents are SO excited! (and may will be the perfect time to have a baby... not prego in the hot summer, and you don't have to worry about rsv!) congrats!!!!

Connie said...

Cinch de mayo is my birthday. Yay! I'm excited for you guys!!!