christmas craft

This year my big craft was this wreath.  I wanted to make one last year, but waited until after Christmas to stock up on ornaments.  They've been patiently sitting in the closet all year until I recently took them out and went to town.  I loved how (that) it turned out!  There are gold, silver and blue ornaments, shiny and matte.  I especially love the matte ones.  I also used three sizes.  I even had enough left over to decorate our tiny tree with them. 
I used this tutorial, which I liked because it was threading ornaments onto a hanger, not gluing them onto a foam wreath.  


Christensens said...

Very elegant!

Katya said...

this is so cute! i love the matte/shiny combo, and the colors are so great. maybe i'll get a bunch of ornaments on clearance post christmas and make one for next year. :)