christmas music

I don't really love it.

And when I say that, I mean, I can't stand most the traditional songs.  Like I'd rather listen to a commercial on the radio than a song on that one station that started playing Christmas music November 1st. (like cozy? or something).  and I freaking hate radio commercials.

HERE IS WHAT HAPPENED.  During the Christmas season of my senior year of high school I worked at a car wash that played Christmas music from sometime in November until January.  I worked 3.5 hours/day during the week and most of a Saturday.  Which means I. HAVE. HEARD. IT. ALL.  ad nauseam.

I've heard EVERY CHRISTMAS SONG in EVERY GENRE imaginable.  Pick a song.  I've heard it a cappella, full orchestra, techno, gospel choir, pop, rock, hymny, small group, instrumental... EVERYTHING.  and I think that did it.  for days and days and days that is all I heard.

I still love Christmas hymns and non-traditional songs.  Like Relient K's "let it snow baby, let it reindeer" cd or rock/pop musicians renditions of hymns.

I don't know.  Do you totally hate me?  Or does anyone feel the same way?  Plus, I don't think Christmas music should start playing until like mid-December anyways.

here IS what I'm listening to these days:

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Kara Lyn said...

I agree with you on all points of this. Christmas music can drive a person nuts and really, I don't know why a million different groups feel the need to redo the exact same song. Come on man, use your creativity. On a side note, I am so excited for you and Dave!! I think we should probably get together sometime soon.