off to make more cookies.

So, I know, this isn't a food blog but I post a lot about food.  I just like to share my good findings.  Also, I eat a lot, so as this is a blog about our life, some food is necessary.  And I've never heard a complaint, really, so....who cares?  Anyways.  These are the events: 

I made these cookies after dinner. And of course, they were delicious.  And so easy to just whip up (it's a third-ed recipe).  I also only made a dozen.  We are going to do an unofficial taste test and see if refrigerating for 24 and 36 hours makes a difference.  Mostly, I knew that if I made them all, we may very well have ate them all last night. the fridge the extra dough went. 
For dinner last night I made this artichoke pasta bake. And it was soooo good.  The flavors of the artichokes, feta, banana peppers and olives were great!
I also bought some pomegranates (and used this tutorial to cut/deseed).  Yum!  They are fun to eat and one pomegranate has lasted for quite a while.  I may just have to go back for more,


Jody Lynn said...

i love all of your food posts!

lindsay said...

ok i want your cookie recipe too now cuz those look YUMMMMM

Connie said...

I am SOOOOOOO making that pasta.

Amy and Mark said...

THank you for linking that pomegranate tutorial! I just bought some the other day and that will be helpful :) MISS YOU! Can't wait to find out about your little peanut! I WANT A "BELLY" PICTURE ! (eventhough I know you're still tiny!)