This year we spend Thanksgiving with my dad's family in northern utah.  It was so fun!  We crashed at my aunt and uncle's house and it is always fun to stay with them.  We really appreciated their hospitality.  I made a banana cream pie and some orange rolls.  Both were well received. I didn't take a picture of the orange rolls but they are super good.  I need to check with my mother-in-law to make sure they aren't a super secret family recipe and then I'll post the recipe.  

Dave loves them and my family, new to the tradition, LOVEs them.  :)  They had them at our Oregon reception and the last two Thanksgivings when I mention orange rolls they go "susan's orange rolls?!"

Our Thanksgiving dinner was so good.  It was smaller than it often is up there but still a lot of fun.  And so much good food.  Then we went through all the ads and planned our shopping trip.  It's something like a 17 year tradition to go black Friday shopping and this year, even with the stores opening super early, was no exception.  And it was great!  I think my feet got a little bruised from too much standing, but we got some fun stuff.  Nothing for Christmas, but a few new movies, some rad slippers (for me and I love them) and these cute baby onesies from Old Navy:


Aren't they just so cute?  Can't wait to use the blue striped one especially.  This Thanksgiving we were/are very grateful for all the blessings we have and the good year we've had.  We're especially thankful for the reason behind buying onesies! 

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving...I can't believe it's almost Christmas now!  

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Christensens said...

My mom got the recipe from someone in California when she lived there (sometime before I was 2 years old). She has made orange rolls every Thanksgiving ever since I think. So they are not a secret family recipe. I have shared the recipe with several people. My former RS president (who happened to grow up in California) and I brought them to a baptism. She did not get the recipe from me, but hers were just the same!