On Sunday, my parents had a Thanksgiving preview meal.  This was basically a Thanksgiving dinner and it was so delicious.  I love Thanksgiving food.  My dad requested a banana cream pie and that is what he got: 

It turned out way better than I was thinking it would and I was very pleased with the result!! And, so were the rest of the people who ate it.  I know a lot of people don't like bananas, but this pie only has bananas on the bottom (no banana pudding/flavoring).  My mom, who hates bananas, really liked the pie.  And Dave only had some because he was being a nice husband and said "actually, this is really good.".  So, it was an all-around win!!

I used the Pioneer Woman's Perfect Pie Crust and it was delicious!  (note: when you bake it, use pie weights/dry beans over foil!! I just poked it with a fork and the bottom puffed up and the sides shrunk (which is why you see no pie crust! it wasn't a big deal, but if you're really into the over all presentation))

I searched through a lot of internets for the filling.  I wanted to make it from scratch but a lot of the blogs I read didn't have a recipe for a banana cream pie and some recipes were way too involved.  I finally found this one from Crisco.  I'm glad I used this one. It makes a delicious custardy filling (I think that is how you would classify it).  (note: it calls for butter flavored shortening; I just had regular and I did have butter extract. but I think it would be ok without) 

Then I whipped some cream for the top.  YUM!

What are your thoughts on banana cream pie?  I think I will be making this again for the real Thanksgiving. 


Lacey Parr said...

Looks yummy! I love banana cream pie! My grandma always made a really good one!

Jason said...

I could have ate the whole pie, it was that good.

Katya said...

ahhh yum!!! aaron absolutely loves banana cream pie, so maybe i'll have to copy you. :)

Heidi said...

Are you going to Grandma and Grandpa's house? I would love to try it! Banana is my fav!

Amy and Mark said...

mouth is