Christmas this year was great! We spent it with my family and had a lot of fun. We got some great presents and are definitely grateful for our family's generosity! Here are some highlights: 

Dave's new biking jersey. And I think between the two of us, we acquired approximately 488 new pairs of socks.
I got some fun new kitchen toys (of course?).  Including an immersion blender and this beautiful dutch oven.  
As usual, the year ends with waaaay too much candy.  I don't know, who is complaining? Not us.  Dave loves tootsie pops. I did put a ton of candy in our study to save for July, which is when we should finish what is in the kitchen. Actually, we'll probably save it for trick-or-treaters.   
Here is the thing: Dave is really good at presents. He also has great taste (though other times in the year I have to drag an opinion out of him..) He made (sewed!) this little chapstick holder because everytime I change from jeans to pjs, I spend the whole night trying to find my chapstick.  (which you think would be in my pants pocket, which sometimes it is, but more often is not.)
Our media collection also increased. (we looove deleted scenes)
Dave also got a fancy remote control helicopter, which he loves and flies often.  I'm terrible at flying it.  

Next week I will post the projects I made for Christmas gifts.  Just you wait, they are awesome!!


evans said...

Forget Dave's jersey...What's up with those pants?!? Awesome!

Kristen said...

Hurray for an immersion blender and a shiny dutch oven! Kitchen gifts are simply the best!

Emily said...

i'm suuper glad your christmas rocked. and that you got my gift in time. i can't wait to see what you made. next year i WILL be more like you and actually complete the projects i pintrest/want to make.

Danielle said...

Jerry is SUPER jealous of the helicopter.