Two weeks ago, or, a million years ago, we went with some ward friends to see the lights at temple square.  We also ate at a fun diner and stopped at h&m (kind of lame!).  It was fun!  It was cold and crowded, but the temple was breathtaking as usual and the lights very festive.  And it was a full moon, which was kind of cool!




Last night we went for a "light drive" with some other friends.  We saw some beautiful (& huge!!) houses with some great lights.  We also tried some Starbucks hot chocolate and caramel apple cider and it was delicious (lacey, you guys should give it one more try :)). 


this house!  those pillars! bah!! 


Lacey Parr said...

haha we will definitely have to give starbucks hot chocolate another chance! we had fun with yall too! :)

Heidi said...

I LOVE that picture of you and Dave! So cute!!!

Jenna & Joey said...

we saw that last house, too! i was obsessed!