needed: little bum

Look how cuuuuuuute!  So, we're going to do/try cloth diapers.  I am not morally against disposable diapers at all (hello, vacations!) but I do like the benefits of cloth.  And so we are going to try them.  We've had some friends do them with success and that definitely encourages me. The modern all-in-ones are basically just as easy as disposable, except you have to wash them.  And from what I hear, you do a lot of laundry with babies anyways.  So I'm not worried about that.  PLUS they are just stinking cute. 

And I would be lying if I said that using cloth diapers wasn't part of a bigger plan to make SURE our next apartment has a washer/dryer in house.  Haha, just kidding, but the timing works out great because heaven knows I'm NOT doing cloth diapers without a washer in the next room. 

have any of you tried cloth diapers?  can you even wait to see our baby with a little blue-diapered bum?

FOR THE RECORD: cookies from dough that has been refrigerated for 2 days was the clear winner.  I would never, ever turn down a chocolate chip cookie that was not refrigerated, etc., but we ate those yesterday and were like "wow.  these are freaking delicious." And since it wasn't a side-by-side test, it was based on how we remembered the other ones tasting, which were also really good. So just try it sometime. 

ALSO: I am putting a poll up since we'll be finding out the gender in the next if you care to vote, vote away!


Jess said...

My little ones use cloth diapers, they are awesome! I would suggest not using them for the first month or so though. I would also suggest Carter's brand onesies (they are long and slender to better cover bulky cloth diapers without stretching funny or looking baggy). Sorry about the advice giving, I really like cloth diapers and always have something to say about them :) Also, babies are REALLY cute with cloth diapers! Good choice :)

Jody Lynn said...

My guess is a boy. :) I'm getting so anxious to meet your little one! Ah! I can't even imagine what you must be feeling right now. Are you nervous, anxious, excited?

How many of those cloth diapers are you planning on having? I'm kinda curious how many of those you should keep on hand. You'll have to let me know how cloth diapers work out for you, because I'm thinking about doing them as well, you know, when I eventually get married and have children. ;)

Also, I think it'd be really fun to not find out the baby's gender. I think I'll attempt to do that too someday. Ha.

Laura C said...

One of my cousins used cloth diapers with their kids and loved it. I think it's much more doable now than it was 20 years ago, so be glad for that!

Jess said...

I use bumGenius, flip, and Happy Heinys inserts and covers, I also use gDiaper covers (don't use their inserts, they don't work very well!) You can also buy the things to make them at Joann's. is also a great place for cloth diaper shopping :)

Jess said...

Oh ya, sorry, Thirsties covers are great too :)