thank you so much.  we have been so touched by all the comments, emails, texts, calls and service sent our way these past few days.  we have felt your prayers and are so grateful for your kindness, well wishes and hope.

every day it gets better.  less of the absolute sorrow we felt on wednesday/thursday and more feeling normal.  we still strive to fill our days with as much activity as we can, because distractions definitely help.

sometimes though, we still feel like we are drowning and our hearts will never be okay. and I'm sometimes scared that all I'll see when I close my eyes for the rest of my life is our little girl on the ultrasound screen. 

but we are holding on to the beautiful hope and truth in our life.  and when that is all we have, that is enough.

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Laura C said...

I can't even imagine what you and Dave must feel like. I'm keeping both of you in my prayers and hoping you find comfort!