calvin's birthday

Last Friday we went over to Shanna and Evan's for a quick birthday celebration for Calvin.  Same as last year, he wasn't a to big fan of the cupcake.  Silly kid. Anyway, we love any excuse to hang around Calvin. (oh, and we like Shanna and Evan as well). He is so so smart these days and is so cute.

He is great at opening presents now!
Shanna and Evan made him a cool fort that goes over their table (see more here) and he loves it. There is a cute little mail box and he loves putting things through it. After we went home I decided to make him some little envelopes. I saw a few on pinterest that I liked, but I made them most like this one. Pretty easy and they do the job. 


Katya said...

the fort and envelopes are so cute! and so is that photo of calvin with his cupcake. haha, i would eat it.

Christensens said...

Those envelopes are awesomely cute.

Jody Lynn said...

woah that is a sweet little fort! i want to put the envelopes through the mailbox!