As promised, here are some projects I made over the last few months.  I bought Dave's presents quite early (I don't think he'd like anything I could make him, ha!), and thought that I would finish everything I wanted to make by the end of November.  But I was finishing stuff on Christmas Eve, I think.  Oh well.  I didn't make presents for everyone, so it wasn't that big of a deal.  Part of the fun.  And keeping me busy. 

I started this clutch in November and didn't finish it until this last week.  Oops. It was pretty easy.  Not perfect, but still pretty cute. 
 I made some button and felt earrings.  I copied some earrings I saw at a craft store with some felt. 
My mom has some ornaments that my grandma made a few years ago.  I made her some more in more modern colors. 
I made some non-vintage versions of this calendar. I just stamped away while we were netflixing. 
 I crocheted my dad some hats in his favorite team (cowboys) colors.
 This was my pièce de résistance.  I had my future brother in law, Colby, who likes the San Francisco Giants.  And this is what my sister gave me as an idea. And some ugly dude named "the beard".  And footie pjs.  So, yeah.  

I basically had the best lightbulb moments of all time. Seriously.  Anyways, I crocheted him a hat and a detachable beard.  I never really got a good picture. 
I also didn't get a great picture of it, but I also made him a snuggie.  They are actually pretty easy to make! Just a lot of hemming (but you don't even have to do that because fleece doesn't fray).  Then I cut out SF and sewed that on the chest, which was the trickiest part.  But yeah, awesome.  If you can't tell, this is him being content on Christmas. 

He could be faking, since I built it up so much and he's nice. 

We also bought some fun presents, like an inflatable tie for my brother-in-law.  Dave also made my cousin a bottle rocket launcher and some fun rockets. 

Did you make anything for Christmas or find something suuuuper cool? 


Katya said...

all of the projects you gave me were so perfect! i love the earrings and the calendar! i already started filling it in, and it's been so fun. love the snuggie and beard hat, hahaha. so great.

Jody Lynn said...

you're so talented! i'm super impressed by some of these projects!

Lacey Parr said...

I'm so impressed by the hats and earrings and everything! Way to go!

Emily said...

Totally crafty. And I love that I get to show off you're amazingness all the way here in the arctic! ...or new england. Same thing. Aaaand I really want to crochet Ryan a hat beard thing. I saw one in the SkyMall magazine last week and now I'm hooked.

Unknown said...

He definitely wasn't faking! Did I ever tell you how his brother asked me how he could get his hands on one of those? They all think it's the coolest thing ever. You rock.