recipe overload/some sort of cookbook review.

I got the Our Best Bites cookbook for Christmas and I am loving it. Pretty much everything new I've made this year has been from this cookbook.  Almost everything we've had for dinner has been OBB.  So anyways, here are my favorites so far.  A few of them are on their website, so try them out! 

stromboli! yum. breadstick/pizza dough filled with cheese, chicken, tomatoes and spinach.  
White chicken chili.  To us, this is actually like a soup more than a chili, but we LOVE it. I made it twice in one week.  And I think I've seen it before on their website but I didn't make it because we already have a white chicken chili that we love. But this is better. Unless you want a thicker chili. But. This. Cilantro and lime just make this dish.  We had it with avocado, sour cream and homemade tortilla strips.
 I made the chipotle beef taquitos, italian meatball soup, stuffed pizza rolls (their breadstick recipe is freaking good) and baked chicken-alfredo (with bacon and artichokes and homemade Alfredo sauce)  and we've just loved it all.  

I'm really loving this cookbook. It's full of good, healthy and fresh recipes, tips and techniques and I really like the format. 


Emily said...

love when awesome food bloggers come out with cookbooks. aaand when friends try out the recipes to make sure they're extra good. definitely making the white chicken chili recipe this week.

Katya said...

this all sounds soooo good. i think maybe i will need to invest in this cookbook.

Christensens said...

I hope David gets a job in Portland and that you want to try out some of those recipes on your wonderful in-laws.