recommendation: mat kearney

Lately I haven't really found any new music.  I mostly stuck to my itunes collection and if I heard a song I liked on the radio, I would youtube it, then buy it after I listened to it 299 times to make sure I still liked it. Since I did some sewing for Christmas, I rediscovered Pandora and remembered that I really like it. My favorite station right now is Mat Kearney. And then I realized that, after hearing them throughout the rotations, I really just wanted to listen to his songs. And that's where we've been for a week or so. I really like his album City of Black and White (I have a song or two from it in itunes) but failed to explore/buy the rest of it. Then he recently came out with Young Love and I've used Grooveshark to listen to songs from these albums over and over.  I've liked Mat Kearney since high school and I was glad to find his new music.

His sound is pretty unique, I think, and I love the variety of music/sounds. And his lyrics. Like one of my favorite authors, I feel he captures life in these achingly beautiful lyrics.  Some of his songs are fun though, and much more upbeat (hey mama, she's got the honey).  But anyway, if you want something new to list to, try this playlist.

My top three: Runaway, City of Black & White and a four-way tie between Down, Learning to Love Again, Ships in the Night and Head or Your Heart. So, yeah.  Give it a listen and tell me what you think!

here's my favorite:

The road below our wheels, all that we fought to heal
You close your eyes and cry, dying for the right to feel
I hear it coming down, oh the sweetest sound
Of forgotten tears falling on the solid ground
Nobody knows the trouble we've seen
Nobody knows the price of this dream
And nobody knows what it took to believe

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