a few weeks ago I made a chocolate mousse crunch cake and it was pretty good. Dave, the hater of cakes, requested it for his upcoming birthday. 

Last week we received two separate packages from anonymous givers and they were a nice surprise! The first was a little bulb planter and I will post pictures when they come up. The second was this box of cookies. They were so good. I hate not knowing things, so I really wish I knew who sent these. Of course, I respect the anonymity, but if you are out there, thank you!! 

I got my hair cut. I realize this doesn't really show much, but it is the shortest it's been (but same basic cut) and I am totally loving it. I also had my bangs cut (they go to the side) and I'm glad to have bangs again. 
I also bought three lipsticks at Target last week. I just really felt I needed them. Earlier that day I looked up on the internets (so it must be true) what colors were good for my fair skin and then bought some that I think are the right colors. I kind of want to buy a million more to experiment.

and I love it. I feel that I won't look so pale in pictures now. sort of bright pink (probably too bright; it isn't my favorite), a berry pink (below) and a caramel/nude color. Maybe someday I'll go for cherry red (the red for fair skin, according to internets), but I like these for now. Although, if they make me look stupid, you should tell me, because that is what friends are for.


Sara said...

You're hair looks awesome! And you're rocking the lipstick too :)

Jody Lynn said...

the color looks amazing on you. you and i kinda have the same skin tone, so you should share which colors/brands you buy so i can try them out too! :)