cherry blossoms

I couldn't resist this little 2-4M cherry blossoms shirt at h&m. only $3!

Is it weird I want to post all the cute clothes we bought/received? 

I know that a lot of people gather baby clothes before they have kids, so I guess we are just doing that. But it's still in this weird time frame where I kinda feel like we're a buying things for this specific baby even though, obviously, we are not. 

And secretly I feel like it's part of the grieving process or something. Because I feel weirdly justified. 

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Emily said...

I love it. And I think it's totally part of the process. And, I still have the girl onesies I bought at the beginning. Who knows if we will ever have a girl, but dang, they're cute and I don't want to give them away. At least not for the next 5+years :)