mine for 5 years

This is our fifth valentine's day (whaaaa?). To be honest, I kind of mix up valentine's days from 2009-2011, but I remember 2008 clearly. Dave and I had been dating (nothing official) for a few weeks. I went to the copy center to give Dave a CD (soundtrack to august rush) and he had one for me. I gave him his CD and he told me to turn around. He slipped my CD in my backpack and told me not to look in my backpack until I got home. We smiled and said goodbye. On my way home I put my wallet back into my backpack but I didn't look. I just saw some red. And then I smiled all the way home. I got home and found a CD and this cute valentine. 

We hadn't held hands at this point, but this basically said he loved me, right? I took it that way. I showed everyone with excitement. 

Mind you, I didn't hear from Dave at all that night (he said tonight, "probably not the best move on my part") and I hung out with my roommates and went to the law library to study. I took my new CD though, and I loved it. 

To this day, the songs from the album take me back to the law library, valentine's day and that super shy guy I was dating named Dave. 

We don't really have a song officially (though if you'd ask, we'd probably say "watcha say" by jason derulo (don't ask)...), but I would say that this is really our song. But no one has heard of it so it will probably never be played anywhere. I think besides the band, 10 people have heard of this band, and most of them are Dave's old roommates. BUT they are great. So check them out.

happy lamentine's nay everybody! *

empty space, by rathbone. 

*30 rock, v-day episode, current season. it rocks.


Katya said...

I'm pretty sure I was there for that law library study party. :) Such a cute valentine!

Connie said...

Have I ever mentioned what great taste in music you have????