our valentine's celebration was pretty low-key. I made one of dave's favorite pasta bakes and tried these individual chocolate cakes. They tasted good, but I'm not sure I could tell the difference between "molten" and "not cooked". Oh well, we ate it and didn't get sick. 


Dave got me this cute yellow bag with Disneyland in mind. awe. 

We both got each other cards and it was kind of funny how much they matched the recipient. Dave got me the card on the left because the jar reminded him of me (haha, yes, I'm in love with jars. (not really) but I think it was the "crafty" feel). And I found this funny html card online. And I totally get it, which just says how nerdy I am. Thanks to Dave. ha. 

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Kristen said...

What cute little molten chocolate cakes!