aimee & colby

my sister got married on friday and it was such a fun day. they looked perfect and happy and it was a beautiful spring day! here are some highlights: 

married! and check out her beautiful bouquet (made by shanna)

my job to bring the bouquet; sisters; sisters being weird; dave and me. 
reception details: centerpieces, cupcakes and cake. 

traditionals. so fun. 

I also gave my first (and hopefully last) wedding lunch speech. The photographer was one of my best friends (bonus!!). I thought the ceremony, luncheon and reception were all so great and we are so happy for the new sanford family! We all really like colby and it's fun to have another brother (in law). I always wanted brothers and knew that if I had all sisters, that meant I would get brothers eventually. I got some great ones by getting married, and now it's fun to have another. Welcome to the family cloby! (that is an on-purpose typo). 

woot woot!

so that's one wedding down this month, one more to go! 

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Katya said...

everything is so beautiful! love her colors, love the centerpieces! everything looks so classy!