city of roses

 picture from etsy (and I kind of want it now, even if I don't get most of the things on it...)

it's official! we're off to portland, oregon for the next little while. Dave got a job there that is a great opportunity and we're excited to spend some time in the north west (oops, said east before. uh, duh)

we'll be headed up there beginning-mid april, which is suuuper soon in some ways. not soon enough for apartment finding though, it seems. still too far away to really get anything and I already learned my lesson by getting too attached to a place. whoops.

off to the land of hippies!


Katya said...

I'm so excited for you guys!!!! Guess this means Aaron and I will have to do a Pacific Northwest trip sometime, right...? ;) Also, Powell's Books! You are going to be living in the land of Powell's! I'm so jealous.

Laura C said...

Oh boy. You are going to love it! If you haven't gone to Voodoo donuts yet, please go! I went over Christmas and it was so yummy.

And that will be so nice to be near Dave's family!

Bruce said...

1. North east?
2. Hippies? Maybe compared to Utah... :)