latest foodie adventures

our latest cooking endeavors: 

dave made his famous pudding cookies 

sweet potato veggie burgers. these were great. my first attempt at veggie burgers! as warned, they were very fragile. I did add an egg (from the comments) and I think that helped. I also think refrigerating them helped. But when I try veggie burgers again, I'll have to find ways to help them stay together. (rice?)

multigrain bread. it was delicious!

s'mores bars. man, these were good. people raved over these and fought over pieces (not really). BUT. so easy and SO SUCCESSFUL. AND DELICIOUS.

marshmallow fluff is so weird to me. i've never bought/had any before. looks like glass almost when it's set.

 If you want to see more recipes I love, check out our recipes above or my pinterest board (more inclusive). You can also see what is on our horizon with this board. And, if you tried any of them, let me know :)


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Sara said...

That food looks delicious! I think the veggie burgers might be on my horizon too :)