my two cents.

hello, like everyone and their dog, we went and saw the hunger games last weekend.

I LOVED IT. and I feel that, in the midst of 1,000 blogger reviews, I must join them. because I feel the movie world deserves to know that I LOVED IT and I do not usually LOVE movies from books. So of course, I feel this is a high compliment towards them and everyone deserves to know it. haha, just kididng.

I was a fan of the shaky cinematography because it brought so much emotion to the film. I loved the behind-the-scenes that you don't get in the book because it's first person. I loved the characters, every single one of them. And I thought for such heavy material, they did the gore part pretty tastefully, as it goes. The movie made us laugh, made me cry* (at least once, maybe twice?), made us jump...oh, it was good.

I am listening to the first book right now and as it goes through I cannot get over how spot on they were with so many things! So many details, lines and scenes are so good. And, unlike rereading most books made to movies, I actually enjoy having the movie in my head as I go through the book again.

Of course there were a few things that you notice are different, but for the most part, their changes made sense and I still loved it. A few things that I thought were "wrong" ended up being right, because I had forgotten how she had described it in the book, so it made it even more impressive.

I also can't get over how much longer until the second one comes out. yikes. good thing I've never been one (for the most part) to count down until a series movie comes out (I just saw them when I saw them) because this is going to make me crazy.


so, hollywood, great job. please hurry with the next one. and more cave, please.

ahh, they are all beautiful.

*on another note, the trailer for titanic in 3d also made me cry. that movie, I declare, is THE SADDEST MOVIE in all of history. I know that there are so many sad movies and so many sad situations, but the titanic is the worst. they are on a boat, for crying out loud, and THEY ALL DIE. in their beds, in the water, in their sleep, with their spouse, with their kids and it's not like it's war-torn germany or the plague. gosh, it's just a darn boat!! THE SADDEST. and celine's ballad DOES NOTHING to help you get over the 5 minute trailer. 


alyssa sorenson. said...

Loved your review! And I'm glad you loved it as much as I did. Would feel pretty stupid if I had gotten your hopes way up and then let you down. I agree that the cast is beautiful. I must say, though. That first shot of Peeta was NOT attractive and I LOVED that. They were attractive at the right times but looked rather sad at times when they needed to be to give the film a right feel.

Megan said...

I was super impressed with this movie too! I listened to the book again right before seeing the movie, and its crazy how accurate it was. When I saw the Harry Potter movies I was always thinking "that is wrong, that didn't happen." And I think they picked the perfect actors for each character. I want to go see it again, like this weekend even.

Kara Lyn said...

I, unfortunately, have not seen the movie yet but I have read the books and I really enjoyed your take on the movie. Have you seen Little Manhattan? It is an adorable movie with Josh Hutcherson in it. I think you would enjoy it.

Jo said...

OH I am so with you on all of this! I think it's the only time I've ever read the book first but loved the movie equally if not more. And TITANIC!!! I'M OBSESSED!