ode to march

the end of another month. and for that, I am grateful.

another month down. and you guys, february was the last month where we don't know anything. march is our month. I love march. march, march, march. i love you.

we will know where we will be going and where dave will be working and we'll know, I'll tell you.

and, also, I loved this post.

we did not struggle for too long getting pregnant (and for that I am grateful), but obviously, we are struggling still the same in getting a baby here. I don't know what the future holds and I don't know if it will be as easy the second time around and if we will have better luck and, you know, better holding placentas.

but in a small way, I feel I can identify with natalie's fight:

"i feel so lucky, because i had to struggle for this first. this silly little life of cleaning up after a baby and sudsing down the high chair tray for the millionth time and counting to three for my cooing little songbird over and over. i had to fight for it first. i was allowed the time to discover how very much i wanted it. my mom always told me this would be the case when i'd call her crying after another failed month, but it never really seemed believable. after all, it's just housework and dirty diapers and negotiating the emotions of a very small person. i mean, it is a little menial. but she'd tell me that my fight would make my baby sweeter, and the late nights easier. the messes smaller."

(emphasis added)

I truly believe that i will see that in my life. and since that is the case, I suppose I can be a little grateful for this struggle (though I will never, ever, in this life, be grateful for what happened) because I do believe that struggles make us stronger and make the good times better.

so, there you go. and you should read nat the fat rat.

and for goodness sake, happy march.


Morgan and Holly said...

Nice post :) True words were spoken! And it's also exciting that you and Dave and moving on!! Away from the college life and cinder block walls of Wymount. Woot.

Sara said...

I'm glad march is looking better!

alyssa sorenson. said...

Can I just say I love reading your blog. I don't blog much anymore and don't read lots of blogs but I like keeping up on yours. I love your honesty and your openness. You've always been so smart and so beautiful and so talented. You are such a strong person and I look up to you in so many ways. I have every reason to believe things will all work out in your favor eventually. Hang in there babe.