on star wars day


So, if you remember, we announced we were having a baby with a cinco de mayo theme. Because at our first doctor's appointment he figured out the date to be May 5th. We were a little confused because all the online calculators said May 4th. And we couldn't figure out why. At my study appointments they'd always say the 4th and blah blah blah, kind of confusing but not a huge deal. 

BUT. We finally figured out the discrepancy the day before everything hit the fan, so to speak. We went to the doctor (and everything was fine, just fine) and overheard a girl saying how they had two dates, but because of LEAP YEAR, it was the first one, technically.

YES! I HATE being confused and so I was so happy we finally figured out the difference. Of course a computer would know it was leap year, but those manual wheels wouldn't. So, it turns out, star wars was the way we should have gone. 

Hmm, I wish we would have dressed up as Jedis and gone over or acted it out with our star wars finger puppets. Oh, the possibilities. We'll just have to save them for later, if we are ever blessed with such great timing again. ha. Though there are plenty of holidays (both traditional and obscure) for which to aim.

THE ONESIE. So, soonish after we found out (probably September?) we were over at my grandma's and she has a cool machine that cuts out vinyl things. So I lied a little and said we were making this for a friend. 

And finally, this week, I put it on a onesie. So awesome, RIGHT? I guess our other kids can wear it.


Christensens said...

Funny shirt.

Katya said...

I can't believe you made this! I thought you'd bought it when I saw it on twitter. (I think? Or maybe just the first time I saw this post, I can't remember) Super cute. And I'm glad you figured everything out.